Narl was making his way through the dense jungle on Kyraxis. Minutes earlier he had seen a flaming object crash on the planet, it had been followed by a more controlled descent from something, that looked like a big metal machine. He was out foraging for his clan, when he had seen it and had decided to investigate the crash, to see if there was something useful. He had just become an adult and he had to journey out and find something useful for the clan, to earn his place.
He froze, there was sounds, not alike the sounds of the jungle. He crept forward and spotted the wreckage and a few figures moving moving around in it. A gruff voice raised above the sound of tortured metal being thrown around. “Ticker and Peeler, go look at the site of the cockpit, we need solid evidence he is dead to get the payment”. Narl saw two of the men walk off into the jungle. “Stale find whatever is worth salvaging, no reason to leave profit behind”. Narl brushed aside some brush and made his way towards the crash site, he had to find something before the man “Stale” took it all. This was an opportunity beyond the ordinary and there was the potential to find something special here, that would earn him a place of honour in the clan.
On the edge of the crash site he found a big crate fairly unscathed, the crate was half his own height and an unknown part of it was buried in the soil. He tried to lift the lid, but the heat from the crash, had partially welded it to the rest of the crate. He looked around and spotted a metal spar nearby. He crept over and picked it up, he returned to the crate and tried as quietly as he could to jam it under the lid. He could still hear the others rummaging through the debris on the other side of what remained of the craft. “Hey over here, I think I found him, or what is left of him, come help me lift this”, he heard the men on the other side moving towards the same place. “Strangler, help me lift this on three”. This was his chance. “One”. He got up to his full height and grasped the spar firmly. “Two”. He took a deep breath. “Three”. He put all his weight on the spar and after a second, with the sound of tortured metal the lid went of and Narl fell to the ground, as the spar suddenly couldn’t hold his weight.
It had all gone quiet. Narl looked around as he slowly got back on his feet. Nothing had changed, so he decided it would be best, to quickly grab whatever was in the crate and get away. He looked in the crate and saw what looked like tools and some strange metal rods. He grabbed some of it and was just about to lift it out, when he heard a noisy behind him. He spun around just in time to see a man swinging a metal pole.
He was slapped in the face and awoke on the ground, a big man in a filthy uniform looking down on him. He tried to rise, but his hands was tied on his back and he felt nauseous, when he lifted his head. “So Boss, what do we do with him? I say let’s just kill him and leave the body.”
“You never see the bigger picture Peeler, would you like to carry all these things to the ship? No? I didn’t think so. Look at him, he got bigger arms than even Strangler here. Ok, do you understand what I’m saying?” He looked down on Narl, who could only manage a weak nod. “I think you hit him a bit too hard Ticker, oh well, this is the deal, you will carry all the things we collected in that pile over there, unto our ship and if you cooperate, I might just let you live. Do you understand?” Again Narl could only manage a weak nod. “Untie his hands Ticker and let’s get the stuff loaded.” Narl was rolled unto his side, with much effort and his hands was cut free. He slowly got to his feet and almost lost consciousness from the nausea. The guy called Picker was pointing at a pile of tools and equipment. The stuff from the crate was there as well. “Get what you can and I will show you to the ship, you better be quick before the Boss lose his good spirits and kill you.” Narl staggered over to the pile and picked up what he could. Picker then led him through a small bit of jungle, to a small clearing with a ship in it. Some men were talking and laughing nearby. He was led into the cargo hold. “Put it down over there. Peeler will store it. Now let’s go back and get some more and if you try anything I’ll put you down.” Picker patted a short sturdy looking object in his hands.

After about an hour, Narl was done loading the equipment unto the ship and Picker brought him to the Boss. “Boss, he’s done loading the ship and he didn’t try anything.” “Good Picker.” The Boss walked around Narl, looking him up and down. He grabbed his arms and studied his arms.
“What is your name boy?”
“Ok Narl, I could use a guy of your size and strength, so I’ll be nice and give you two options. You either come with us and work for me or Picker here will put a bullet in your thick skull. You have four seconds…. So what will it be, come with us, or become part of the jungle?”
“I’ll come with you.” Narl said, scowling at the Boss.
“Good, you will soon lose the defiance, trust me, they all do.”

To be continued


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