The road to riches.

The Nefium Demon

The command crew confronted a vicious nefium demon. While some of the crew were affected by the fearsome demon the rest fought valiantly and in the end the demon was returned to the warp.
Although heavily wounded it was decided to continue exploring the facility and try and find the command center in hopes of gaining more information on what had happened.
When the crew finally found the control room it log revealed the terrible truth of how the inhabitants of facility were slowly driven mad before finally sacrificing themselves to the demon. The records also confirmed the presence of weird shadow beings in the crystal walls. Additionally the logs showed that this was not a station owned by Winterscale, but by Chorda.
After there chilling discoveries the crew quickly retreated back out of the facility and returned to their gun-cutter. While the machine spirit was still uncooperative Stubbs managed to pilot it back to the facility for a quick pick-up of 12 barrels of nefium.
After returning to the Perilous Destiny a report was filed and it was discovered that Winterscale himself was en route to the Victory Station.

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